Window & Door maintenance & care guide

At Mike Martin Windows we are extremely proud of every installation we undertake and are confident your new windows and doors will look fantastic on your Cornwall home for years to come. This is why we have put together this short maintenance guide to show you how to look after your windows and doors.

Your new windows & doors require a minimal amount of care in order to give you trouble-free operation and remain in optimum condition for many years to come.


uPVC Care

Tips for uPVC care include

  • Use warm soapy water to wipe them down.
  • Avoid using abrasive products like metal polish, solvents and scouring pads, as they may damage woodgrain and gloss effect finishes.
  • To remove tenacious marks, use a specialist uPVC cleaner.
  • Avoid condensation build-up by clearing leaves and debris from drainage slots and inside the opening sashes.

Composite Door Care

Composite doors are extremely low maintenance. Care for each part of your door in the following way:

  • Door leaf: remove grit and grime using warm water and dry with a cloth.
  • Door frame: use warm soapy water to wash and apply specialist uPVC cleaner to remove tenacious stains.
  • External glass: use warm soapy water to wash and dry with a cloth. Apply a glass cleaner afterwards.
  • Leaded glass: wash using warm soapy water, dry with a soft cloth and finish with glass cleaner.
  • Cylinder locks: a Teflon-based lubricant is recommended. Avoid graphite powder and oil.


Tips for hardware care include:

  • Lubricate metal-to-metal joints (gearing and locking mechanisms, friction stays, hinges, shootbolts and espagnolette) that don’t have nylon bearings once per year using light engineering oil; a 3-in-1 works well.
  • Cleaning: be sure to clean your window furniture every four months to remove dirt and dust. Use a soft duster or damp chamois leather. Avoid abrasive products like scouring pads, metal polish and acetone. Use high-quality polishings and coatings to avoid having to clean very regularly.
  • Cleaning tips: take off hand or arm-based jewelry and watches beforehand as you could accidentally scratch the glass. Never lean ladders against window frames and never walk on a bay roof; you could seriously injure yourself. Use tower scaffolding if access is required. Make sure you’re using the right cleaning method for the correct area of the window.


Tips for glass care include:

  • Use a non-smear glass cleaner and paper towel to ensure your glass remains shiny.
  • Apply the cleaner directly onto the glass, making sure to cover the corners, and wipe down thoroughly using a paper towel until the cleaner is almost gone.
  • External glass: clean every 4 months and ensure it stays free of grime and debris. Use soapy water and wipe with a cloth or paper towel
  • Internal glass: clean with soapy water, finish using a glass cleaner and wipe down with a paper towel or cloth.

What our customers say

Great quality and competitive price

We had two rotten timber windows replaced in our old Farmhouse. The windows were fitted and they look superb. Great quality and a competitive price.
Jan, 24

Reik, N

Installer went above and beyond

Good quality product. Installer went above and beyond to be helpful.
Jan, 24

Mathers, P

Recommend to anyone

Brilliant job happy to recommend to anyone.
Jan, 24

Keeling, H

Superbly finished job

Replaced an outside wooden door with a UPVC one. Initial survey and advice was done very politely and efficiently. I was told demand might cause a wait. Received a phone call offering 8th Jan which I accepted. The fitter arrived on time, worked efficiently, tidied up and left us with a superbly finished job.

Turner, A

Clear advice and friendly team

New windows and doors, super easy communication, clear advice and friendly team.
Jan, 24

Thomas, K


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